The Salehoo Honest And Unbias Review

Hey Kenneth Chooks here and today we will be talking about salehoo.I am going to be writing an unbiased and uncensored review of what I think about this website and what it promises.


If you have already made up your mind to get the program then you can go to their official website here if not then continue reading to see what i think am going through the program.

What Is The Salehoo Program?

It is currently the largest wholesale drop ship directory company that is specially designed for people who sell things online especially eBay sellers.

It has a user friendly members area that contains a database of over 8,000 security screened suppliers {This mean you are only going to be dealing with genuine folks},tools and even courses that shows you how to do drop shipping profitable.

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 What I Like About Salehoo

Unlike others, salehoo doesn’t sell products on how to drop ship, rather they provide you with a huge list of directory with thousands of suppliers in it.They have gone through the effort to screen each of the over 8,000 suppliers to ensure you are only dealing with real wholesalers who are willing to do business with you.

They have over 1.5million products and that number keeps increasing each and every single day. Basically whether you are an ebay seller or a small business person you will find suppliers who are ready to do business with you.

They also have a community section so you can always share your knowledge and get answers from fellow sellers just like yourself. You can also build great relationship that can expand your business even bigger than you can think.This community currently boasts of over 100,000 retailers. Yes over 100,000 people are using salehoo and that is because it provides great information that will literally save you thousands of dollars.

This is also not to forget that they have an instructional training center that walks you through some basic tips that wont make you get burned like what sells most on ebay. You will also learn things like how to drop ship, how to avoid scam, a beginners guide to drop shipping and selling on ebay and many more.

You see there is more to selling on ebay than you currently and the courses on the salehoo members area shows you how to become a pro seller,make more sales and close more deals

Is It Worth It?

Firstly it goes for just $67 and that is a yearly membership fee of which you should get over 1,000 times the value of that with the resources they provide. Also it comes with a no question asked money back guarantee. Which means if for any reason you are not satisfied you can ask for your money back and it will be sent back to you.

Also dealing with wholesalers means you can make MORE profits selling at ebay or whatever platform you belong and quickly rank to becoming a top rated seller, which means more sale.

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