7 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog And Business


If you run a blog and you are not making money from it, there can only be two reasons why. One you are not getting enough traffic, and two you are a blogger and not a marketer. They are two different things. Bloggers blog. Marketers make money from their blogging efforts. One blogger marketer that makes a lot of money from his blog is John Chow. … [Read more...]

How And Where To Buy Quality Backlinks

quality backlinks

Lets carefully scrutinize how and where you can buy quality backlinks! but before then.... What Is A Quality Backlink? A backlink is when other webpages link to your website! Period. But here comes the ugly truth. All back-links are not equal! Sometimes a single back-link source can be worth 100's back-links from other sources. What is … [Read more...]

How Pat Flynn Makes $55k A Month Blogging


Recently I did the first ever Traffic Police income report and you could see that we barely made $100 last month. Although that's not bad considering that it was my first full month of blogging with only 8 posts! 6 days ago Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome.com fame did his own income report and you can see he made $58,651 in January! Very … [Read more...]

Two Simple Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic By 5 Times This Month


Two days ago I published the first income report for thetrafficpolice.com blog and in it I mentioned how this blog got a total of 1,259 unique visitors in the month of January! Which is quite amazing as that was my first full month of blogging with only 8 blog posts. Well guess what? Just yesterday this blog got 129 unique visitors! :-) That … [Read more...]

The Traffic Police- Income Report January 2014


This is the first income report for the thetrafficpolice blog and starting from now I will try to do it each and every month. The idea of income report was made popular by the genius that is Pat Flynn of smartpassiveincome and I, like many others who picked up the idea too. It can easily become your most read blog post. People love to know and … [Read more...]

The Guerrilla Marketing Guide To Starting And Running A Profitable Online Business


Wikipedia defines guerrilla marketing as an advertising strategy in which low-cost unconventional means are used to convey or promote an idea or a business. In other words when employing guerrilla marketing tactics in your business, you are being positively aggressive. You find ways to stay in front of your potential customers using advertising … [Read more...]

How To Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever


I know this post is late, coming 24 days after the new year.But never late than never!. Here at thetrafficpolice.com I have shared a lot of posts from making passive income, to blogging to guest posting and even some free and paid traffic generation tips. But this is the time I will be talking about success and how to make your life better in … [Read more...]

Seo For Dummies: How To Rank Number 1 In Google For Any Keyword


A very daring headline right?. I mean I'm promising that I want to show you how you can rank in Google for ANY keyword? Who promises that right?. Well when you read this post till the end you will know why this is the ultimate seo for dummies guide you need. ¬†Why Google? Almost every single seo guide out there promises to show you how to rank in … [Read more...]

How I Plan To Make $10,000 A Month From My New Blog

blogging for money

Yesterday I was reading a 2008 blog post from pat flynn on how he lost $10,000 from his business and the message he was trying to share was that; the earlier you start your business, the earlier you start marketing your blog, the quicker and faster you will start making money online. Few hours ago while having my bath I had an epiphany which I … [Read more...]